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Yealink CP960 Optima HD Touchscreen Display VoIP Conference Phone


The Yealink Optima HD CP960 IP Conference Phone uses the power of the Android 5.1 operating system to optimise your conference room. With user-centric design philosophy, this Y-shaped phone combines simplicity of use with sophistication of features and is perfect for any team environment, especially for medium to large conference rooms. Thanks to its crystal-clear audio quality, your conversation will sound natural and bright anywhere – and beyond that, you can connect an external loudspeaker to it if necessary. The Yealink CP960 provides wireless and wired pairing with devices such as smartphones and PC/tablets via Bluetooth and USB Micro-B ports. As a valuable addition to your conference room, the Yealink CP960 concentrates on users themselves, giving you an easy and clearly engaging business conference experience. Moreover, you can bind three Slave CP960s to a Master CP960 via multicast in star connection, and the Slave CP960 will work as both a speaker and a microphone. The Yealink CP960 conference phone strikes an outstanding balance between ease-of-use and powerful features, delivering a smarter audio conferencing solution for your business.

Key Features

  • Optimal HD audio, full duplex technology
  • Compatible with Zoom Rooms meeting platform.
  • Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • Up to 20-foot (6-metre) and 360° microphone pickup range
  • Built-in 3-microphone array
  • Based on Android 5.1 operating system
  • 5″ multi-touch screen with 720×1280 resolution
  • Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room
  • 5-way conference call
  • Hybrid UC meeting
  • Built-in WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
  • Connect to PC via USB Micro-B port

New Structure Design

This 5″ touchscreen VoIP conference phone, designed to represent the first letter of the Yealink brand name, facilitates your conference room experience by simply putting all of the key conferencing functions at your fingertips.

HD Audio

The Yealink CP960 conference phone combines hardware and software – including Yealink’s Noise Proof Technology – to fully improve its audio quality. Thanks to its built-in 3-microphone array, CP960 can deliver up to 20-foot (6-metre) and 360° voice pickup range, an ideal solution for any conference room that needs the very best audio experience.

Rich Features and High Expandability

With Yealink CP960, up to five parties can join a conference call from different locations, helping your company cut costs and save time. In Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room, you can create a meeting directly and invite or allow someone to join the ongoing meeting seamlessly. In addition to this, its Active Speaker feature helps you easily recognise who is speaking during the meeting. Pairing Yealink CP960 with your smartphone via Bluetooth or with your PC/tablet via USB Micro-B port allows you to turn the Yealink CP960 into a loudspeaker or microphone with ease! Plus, after successfully pairing the devices you can merge your smartphone, PC/tablet and IP conference phone CP960 into one hybrid UC meeting. The Yealink CP960 is also qualified for use in large training rooms by connecting it to an external loudspeaker via 3.5mm audio-out port, and it supports local and USB call recording – local available recording time is up to 100 hours.

Pure and Powerful Sound Quality

The Yealink CP960 conference phone harnesses advanced acoustic technologies to make every audio conference experience amazingly clear and inspiring. In combination with Yealink’s sophisticated HD voice technology, the Yealink CP960 immerses every conference participant in extraordinarily clear and balanced sound quality. The performance-oriented phone faithfully reproduces voices for day-to-day business conferences.

Wide-Range Voice Pickup, Dead-Zone Free

  • Featuring 20-foot 360° dead-zone-free voice pickup, the Yealink CP960 conference phone provides a full sound experience to both medium and large audio conferencing environments.
  • Adding a pair of Yealink wireless microphones utilising Yealink’s DECT technology can increase voice pickup distance to 60 feet, allowing every meeting participant to be involved and clearly heard while optimising mobility within the local meeting environment.

Yealink Noise Proof Technology for Smart and Powerful Noise Elimination

Yealink’s Noise Proof Technology frees business conversations from annoying noises to optimise conference efficiency and minimise distractions. The Yealink Noise Proof technology includes two interrelated functions:

  • During a conference, Noise Proof reduces constant background noise such as typing, air conditioners, etc.
  • When a person is not speaking, Noise Proof automatically mutes the microphone(s) until the sound of a human voice is detected. 

Ergonomic Design, Best-in-Class Experience

Stylish and professional, the Yealink CP960 features a metallic silver and UV process design, bringing an upscale touch to any meeting room. The 5″ high-resolution 1280×720 multi-touch screen puts fast and smooth controls at your fingertips. The elegant hardware and software design adds simplicity and comfort to a business conference conversation.

Pentagon Meeting Room

  • The Yealink CP960 creates a virtual meeting room user interface called the Yealink Pentagon Meeting Room, which mimics the sense of physical conferencing that professionals expect.
  • Offering up to five-party conferencing, the Yealink CP960 allows meeting organisers to create a meeting by simply sending invitations at a single touch to selected participants. Organisers can seamlessly invite or join participants without pausing or interrupting the ongoing conversation.
  • Say goodbye to “who is speaking?” with Yealink’s Active Speaker, which automatically displays the current speaker’s details on-screen.

Hybrid UC Meeting Enabled

The Yealink CP960 expertly enables the Hybrid UC Meeting with extraordinary clarity and convenience. When using a soft phone on your PC (e.g. Skype for Business) or a mobile phone, you can route the call to the Yealink CP960 via the USB port or Bluetooth pairing to join the conference. You can also route the call to the Yealink CP960 and then invite other parties to make a conference call. With the Yealink CP960, boosting audio conferencing productivity has never been easier.

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